Friday, September 30, 2016


I am honestly not a heavy reader and by that i mean i will only read if I am told to or if there is a reward system that happens or if is a really good book that has been spoken of greatly then there is a small chance that i might read it. The book I am reading right now is titled Night that is written by Elie Wiesel which my teacher made me read but so far it has been a very good book which i would recommend anyone to read because even though ts been my third time reading it there have been details I hadn't noticed the first two times and there are still parts that make me feel emotional. I can remember the first tie that i had read, it was something that seemed very odd because all the previous time they had been teaching us the ABC's. Then as the usual student there had been the question "what does this work for in my life, then my parents told to try reading and figured out that the ABC's worked for something, which in this case was making u parts of words and later on making sentences and the experience was magical. Later on reading became a norm and I ended up not liking it too much and rejected book after book. When it cane to reading logs i would just write down a random number of pages read and had my parents sign it (in complete honesty). That is my story of reading.

An Object That Represents Me

Something that has been asked to me by several people (Teachers) is. . . "What is an object that represents you?" Well its pretty hard to describe an item and say "that's me", but actually i would probably describe myself as a computer. This is because I love playing games, and that is what a lot of people use computers for. Even though that might be pretty immature there is actually the internet where you can look things up and when you ask me a question I will take the time to answer the question and make the answer as detailed as possible. You can also use a computer to hack and this can relate to me because if you lie to me i can make the truth come out into the light by interrogating you util it comes out.
There have been exactly 3 people who have inspired me in my life time. My first one was Toby turner who is a famous YouTuber whom inspired me to try my best at everything i do in life because he is a really good person. DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) was a big inspiration to because he is very childish in his YouTube channel and is positive no matter what, which made me practice and try to always have a smile on my face. Last but not least there is Pewdiepie who is a big inspiration because when I get older I want to be on YouTube just like him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who Am I

Something that is a big factor of mine which people recognize almost immediately is the fact that I will protect you from any danger that can occur to you no matter what the consequences me are. Thanks to that when I think about myself I think of a shield sort of like the one that Braum uses in the game League of Legends by Riot Games
which is basically an unbreakable cursed door he kept as a reward for saving a kid that was stuck within the door while tampering with it. Even though i take damage while trying to guard someone that is what I'm here for, and I will go to any extent in order to help you out.